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Niton & District Camera Club




Thursday 25th November 2021 - Woodland Walk Review

The Club met to review and discuss the pictures taken on the Woodland Walk in October. The dull conditions that day made it difficult to capture and vibrant colours but everyone managed to finish up with some
creative work.

Tracey and Paul L produced some vibrant ferns with some editing. Keith found some people to add interest, Don got up very close to a tree 'monster' and Mike and Norma also did some 'work' to produce a unique image.


























 Thursday 11th November 2021 - 'On the Street' and Open Competition

The club welcomed Trevor Prince to judge the two sections and 14 members viewed the competition on Zoom. Congratulations to the two winners Tracey and Keith. This is Keith’s first win and also special mention to Liz F who was 3rd in her first Niton competition. Well done both!


STREET: 1st. Island Life by TraceySTREET: 1st. Island Life by Tracey

2nd. Never too old for Ice Cream by Don2nd. Never too old for Ice Cream by Don 









3rd. Stool Pigeons by Keith3rd. Stool Pigeons by Keith
















 OPEN: 1st. Baker Street by KeithOPEN: 1st. Baker Street by Keith

3rd. French Country Style by Liz F3rd. French Country Style by Liz F














2nd. Sunset Surf by Tracey2nd. Sunset Surf by Tracey










Thursday 28th October 2021
The Club met at 10:30am and then wandered off into Firestone Copse to do some woodland photography. After a couple of hours we all departed to The Woodman's Arms for a well earned lunch....and chat!



Thursday 16th September 2021

The club held the first meeting in Niton Library since February 2020 and we had a good attendance to enjoy chatting and looking at "Summer" photos.
Paul made the draw for the “Pot Luck” letters. You will need to photograph 1 or 2 things that are very obvious – with a title of "C is for CAT" for example. This competition is on 27th January 2022– so plenty of time!

Our next meeting on 30th September will be in 2 parts. In the first half we will show some photos from any of the Summer "Outings" – so please email Sue 3 or 4 (deadline is Tuesday 28th).
In the second part of the evening we will show some "Hints and Tips" on woodland photography in preparation for the 28th October when we meet for the Firestone Copse woodland outing.


 Wednesday 11th August 2021

The Club visited the Weald and Downland Museum (home of BBC Repair Shop) and enjoyed a very interesting day with lots of craft being demonstrated. Norma had a go at making a willow Magic Wand...and Club mascot "Boris" enjoyed the tea and cakes.


 Thursday 29th July 2021 Tea Party at Sue and Don's

The weather was very kind to us and there were a lot of Happy Snappers all around the garden taking photos. Hopefully of some flowers and pond life! Refreshments followed with some scrummy home made cakes and flapjacks.














SCPF PDI League 2020-21 Finals Day

At the end of every League season the highest scoring image from each Club

CommendedCommendedin all 7 divisions goes forward to be Judged at the Annual Finals Day.

This year Niton's top scoring image was Sue's "Pen & Ink" and this was

Judged alongside the other 60+ top images.

 The Judge "held back" just 17 of these and then the top 3 were given Gold,

Silver & Bronze. The remaining 14 were rated " Highly Commended" and
"Commended". Well done Sue!


Pen and InkPen and Ink


 Thursday 1st July 2021 Carisbrooke Castle Visit

Club members were able to visit Carisbrooke Castle after the public had left courtesy of Keith who works there and was trusted with the keys to lock up when we left. It was a wonderful opportunity to take many photographs without having to wait for people to move out of the way. At 7pm most of us went to The 8 Bells in Carisbrooke for supper, and a lot of chatting.


Visit to Carisbrooke CastleVisit to Carisbrooke Castle











Thursday 20th May 2021 Spring Challenge

Giles Barkley judged the last competition of the season - the Spring Challenge. We had 54 entries, with a variety of subjects covered. At the end he awarded three maximum 10's - to a seal, paintbrush and a beetroot! Such a mix to pick the winner from!

1st A Day on the Beach by Liz Miller

2nd Swirling Brush by Sue Brame

3rd Beetroot Moon by Don Brame

 1st A Day on the Beach1st A Day on the Beach  2nd Swirling Brush2nd Swirling Brush
 3rd Beetroot Moon3rd Beetroot Moon  

Liz was presented with the Spring Cup trophy for her beautiful winning image of a seal taken on her recent trip to Norfolk.


Liz with her trophyLiz with her trophy


Thursday 20th May 2021 - Coffee Morning

The Club met for coffee at Joe's Bar in Niton for our first face to face meeting since last year!  We presented Tracey with the Chairman's Shield that she won on May 6th and we all enjoyed a good catch up and warm coffee...luckily the rain held off! What a joy to meet together again!




Thursday 6th May 2021 AGM and Chairman's Shield

 About 14 members joined the zoom meeting for the AGM.  Paul then judged the 48 images that were entered into the Chairman’s Shield. 9 images were held back and 4 images were awarded the full 10/10. Tracey Winnall swept the board with all three top images. Well done Tracey! 


1st: Forget me not by Tracey Winnall1st: Forget me not by Tracey Winnall 2nd: Sunset Crab Man by Tracey Winnall2nd: Sunset Crab Man by Tracey Winnall
1st: Forget me not by Tracey Winnall 2nd: Sunset Crab Man by Tracey Winnall
3rd: Dreamy View by Tracey Winnall3rd: Dreamy View by Tracey Winnall  
3rd: Dreamy View by Tracey Winnall  


Thursday 22nd April 2021 - Editing challenge

 Members had to submit an edited photo chosen from a selection provided. 

14 members Zoomed in to discuss the “Edit” Challenge – we had 27 very different pictures to look at. Although some of the original pictures had been chosen by several members – the final edited results were very individual!

Here are three samples. 

 Paisley – Paul Bradley getting very abstract!


 Mixer Yard by Steve – who created a very “painting by numbers” effect


 Reflected Huts – Tracey managed to create a whole lake in front of the beach huts!


Wednesday 21st April 2021 - Jack Skeel Trophy

This is usually a monochrome print club competition, but this year due to social restrictions, it was projected images judged by Peter Rocchiccioli. Each club submitted 10 images, a maximum of 3 from any one member. There is a winning club and one overall image winner. 

The scores across all clubs were close - ranging from 82 for IWPS who came first to 74. Niton were not far behind scoring the same as Wight Balance, 80.5, however because Wight Balance scored a 10, Niton was placed 4th overall.  The winning image for the competition was 'Watchbell Lane - Ghost Walk' by Michael Wort. 


Thursday 8th April 2021 - 'Lockdown' & Open Competition

The Club welcomed Suzannah Jordan from Southampton Camera Club to Judge the two sections.

Her constructive advice and humour helped to make this a very enjoyable evening and everyone who attended agreed that they had ALL learnt something and seen how to improve images with some very simple changes.

Open Results

1. Carousel by Paul Bradley

2. Eyelashes by Don Brame

3. Photoshop Fantasy by Paul Lucas

1st:Carousel by Paul Bradley1st:Carousel by Paul Bradley 2nd:Eyelashes by Don Brame2nd:Eyelashes by Don Brame 3rd:Photoshop Fantasy by Paul Lucas3rd:Photoshop Fantasy by Paul Lucas



Lockdown Results

1. All Alone by Lindsay Jobling

2. Partnership by Lindsay Jobling 

3. Lockdown by Paul Lucas

3. Trapped by Don Brame


1st:All Alone by Lindsay Jobling1st:All Alone by Lindsay Jobling







2nd:Partnership by Lindsay Jobling2nd:Partnership by Lindsay Jobling


3rd:Lockdown by Paul Lucas3rd:Lockdown by Paul Lucas

3rd:Trapped by Don Brame3rd:Trapped by Don Brame




Thursday 25th March 2021 - 4 Way competition


We joined a large Zoom meeting (50+) for the 4-Way competition with Otley, Cleethorpes and Kidderminster.

We had chosen 15 different images from the last 4-way meeting and had used some newer images from this year.

We did come 4th (last!) but scored much better than last time and in fact we were only 4 marks behind Cleethorpes Club – so a positive result in that respect! Very well done to Tracey Winnall & Paul Lucas for scoring our two maximum 20’s.


Thursday 11th March 2021 - Favourite Photo


The AncestorsThe Ancestors

The Club met via Zoom to discuss “My favourite Photo”. Members has been asked to look through their archives to choose two photos that had special meaning to them.

The chosen photos were very varied and included personal memories of special holidays or even family weddings, with the Member sometimes in the photo. Others chose very old photos that were important in their photography journey – a first attempt at restoring a “vintage” photo or trying out new software for the first time. 


The whole evening was very interesting as each member explained their choices, and asked if the Club could run the evening again next season.



Human ConnectHuman Connect PlatformPlatform 


Thursday 25th February 2021 - Open and Food themed competitions


The zoom meeting was well attended and we welcomed Keith as a new member. 


The votes for the Open and Food competitions had all been added up from the voting on the website and the “Top 6” in each section already decided by the Members. Paul agreed to also Judge all the images as if it was a competition and give critique along the way.This proved very interesting as some images that may have been overlooked at first grew in appeal once Paul pointed out the skill and work that had gone into creating the photo.

Open - Members Choice    

Sparrowhawk by Barbara CloseSparrowhawk by Barbara Close

Tiger Heart by Tracey WinnallTiger Heart by Tracey Winnall  Chrysanthemum by Tracey WinnallChrysanthemum by Tracey Winnall
 1st. Sparrowhawk by Barbara Close  2nd. Tiger Heart by Tracey Winnall  3rd. Chrysanthemum by Tracey Winnall
 Open - Judges 10/10s    
 Sparrowhawk by Barbara CloseSparrowhawk by Barbara Close  Jar Ferry by Steve NewberryJar Ferry by Steve Newberry Ice World by Paul LucasIce World by Paul Lucas 
 Sparrowhawk by Barbara Close  Jar Ferry by Steve Newberry  Ice World by Paul Lucas
 Food - Members Choice    
 Orange by Tracey WinnallOrange by Tracey Winnall Beetroot Triptych by Barbara CloseBeetroot Triptych by Barbara Close   Time for Coffee by Loretta DyerTime for Coffee by Loretta Dyer
 1st. Orange by Tracey Winnall  2nd. Beetroot Triptych by Barbara Close  3rd. Time for Coffee by Loretta Dyer
 Food - Judges 10/10s    
 Dinner by Candlelight by Paul LucasDinner by Candlelight by Paul Lucas  Beetroot Triptych by Barbara CloseBeetroot Triptych by Barbara Close
Five a Day Flowers by Shani WattsFive a Day Flowers by Shani Watts 
 Dinner by Candlelight by Paul Lucas  Beetroot Triptych by Barbara Close  Five a Day Flowers by Shani Watts
 Deconstructed Pear by Tracey WinnallDeconstructed Pear by Tracey Winnall Kitchen Tools by Paul LucasKitchen Tools by Paul Lucas   
 Deconstructed Pear by Tracey Winnall  Kitchen Tools by Paul Lucas  


Thursday 11th February 2021 - League

Tony Oliver from Salisbury was the judge for this round of league 6 of the SCPF. Each club in the league hosts a round and this time it was Niton's turn. We were joined on zoom by members of several of the other clubs.

Each club has 8 photographs that they have put forward to represent their club, and the same 8 photographs are judged in each round. 


Thursday 28th January 2021 - 'Odd Things' talk

Dianne Seddon ARPS AFIAP CPAGB BPE3* from Cleethorpes Camera Club gave an enlightening talk using Zoom discussing daring to be different with our photography. She encouraged us to be creative, shoot the unusual and not worry about what anyone else thinks, including the judges. She showed her own photographs and discussed the inspiration for them and how she achieved her vision.   

We were joined by guests from other photography clubs and I think we all came away inspired! 

Diane's work can be seen at


Thursday 14th January 2021 - Yarmouth and Sunset Competition

We had a fun & chatty Zoom where we all “discussed” each entry from the 2 sections.

The score sheets were then projected and we tried to remember which ones we had voted for!!

Well done to Sue Cardwell for a runaway win in the Yarmouth section by 16 points with a lovely photo which totally captured Yarmouth in full Summer swing. She told us all that it was taken in 2019 from the steam ship “Waverley” when it docked at the Pier.

Yarmouth - Pier and Town by Sue CardwellYarmouth - Pier and Town by Sue Cardwell Storm on the Mainland by Barbara CloseStorm on the Mainland by Barbara Close   Pier by Mike CooperPier by Mike Cooper

1. Yarmouth - Pier and Town
by Sue Cardwell

 2. Storm on the Mainland
by Barbara Close
 3. Pier by Mike Cooper


Tracey also ran away with the Sunset section with the top two places in a much closer competition.

Thanks to all who entered and voted.


Sky on Fire by Tracey WinnallSky on Fire by Tracey Winnall Calming Rays by Tracey WinnallCalming Rays by Tracey Winnall Embers by Paul BradleyEmbers by Paul Bradley
1. Sky on Fire by Tracey Winnall 2. Calming Rays by Tracey Winnall 3. Embers by Paul Bradley


Thursday 3rd December 2020 - Autumn Cup



 A happy Ted holds the trophy for winning the Autumn Cup competition with his stunning black and white image.


Sky Geometry by Ted DyerSky Geometry by Ted Dyer

The Zoom meeting had 16 members watch Judge Maria Leekblade review 52 very varied images. 

Maria made lots of informative and useful comments about all the entries and her calm and relaxed manner made the whole evening go very smoothly.


Maria held back 14 pictures before deciding on her top marks and top 3 places. 


Maria awarded six 10’s before choosing her top three. Well done to Ted for 1st place with his striking B&W image!


2nd place was Liz with her amazing capture of a seal having an early breakfast and 3rd place to Patricia to snap a very moody seascape with storm clouds

1st: Sky Geometry by Ted Dyer  
Mouth to Mouth by Liz MillerMouth to Mouth by Liz Miller Squall at Sea by Patrica LockwoodSquall at Sea by Patrica Lockwood
2nd: Mouth to Mouth by Liz Miller 3rd: Squall at Sea by Patrica Lockwood



Wednesday 25th November 2020 - All Island Photographic Competition 

Several Niton members entered the “All Island Competition” on Wednesday 25th organised by Ryde Focus.

In the “Colour Section” Tracey was placed 2nd with her moody image at night of Watchbell Lane. Don’s Orchid, Liz’s Grouse and Paul Bradley’s Poppy were all “Highly Commended” 

In the “Monochrome” section – Don’s delicate dead seed head was placed 3rd overall.

Paul Lucas’s Ventnor steps and Liz’s Scottish Castle were both “Highly commended “


Thursday 19th November 2020: Black and White Challenge

Over 20 members joined the Zoom session to discuss the 48 B&W image that had been posted onto the website for members to vote on, prior to the meeting. We had 17 members who had entered photos, and 22 members voted for their choice of top 3.

Each photographer talked about their images as they were displayed and all members were able to ask questions or discuss.  A second run through revealed the marks and then the winners were announced.

In first place was Tracey Winnall with Molly. Second place was awarded to two images, Yarmouth in the Mist by Barbara Close and Solitude by Lindsay Jobling. In third place was Partnership also by Lindsay Jobling. An excellent result for our new members Tracey and Lindsay. 

Molly by Tracey WinnallMolly by Tracey Winnall Yarmouth in the Mist by Barbara CloseYarmouth in the Mist by Barbara Close

1st: Molly by Tracey Winnall


=2nd: Yarmouth in the Mist by Barbara Close


Solitude by Lindsay JoblingSolitude by Lindsay Jobling Partnership by Lindsay JoblingPartnership by Lindsay Jobling
=2nd: Solitude by Lindsay Jobling 3rd: Partnership by Lindsay Jobling


Wednesday 11th November 2020 - Hasselblad Competition

A Dash of Red on Slip by Tracey WinnallA Dash of Red on Slip by Tracey Winnall

It was great to see so many Niton members and their images supporting the Hasselblad Competition last night.


The judge was Andrew Mills who is a professional photographer based in Southampton. 65 images is a lot to cover in one evening, let alone without a break!

Well done to new member Tracey who came second with her image taken at Freshwater, scoring 20/20. This was also the first image shown on the night as well, so credit to the judge for that.


Also very well done to Paul Lucas for his 19/20 scored. 


As we found to our cost in the recent battle with our northern based friends, a top competition demands top images as judges will be on the lookout for any "blemish" to seperate what should be excellent images. 


Well done all the Niton members who entered!

Kaleidoscope by Paul LucasKaleidoscope by Paul Lucas

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Niton joined three other camera clubs for an inter club challenge hosted online by Cleethorpes Club using zoom. Each club submitted 15 photos and the judge, David Kissman scored them out of 20. Two Niton images were held back, Red Beauty by Liz Miller and Curiosity by Paul Lucas. Both were awarded 17/20. 

The standard of images was very high and Niton came in 4th place with 219 points. 


Thursday 22nd October 2020

15 members joined the zoom meeting. Paul was judging the 29 images in each section, with Sue at the helm with some new software which proved very successful. 

We started with the black and white competition. Results were as follows...

1st - Ted Dyer -  Sky Geometry
2nd - Sue Brame - Dead Head
3rd - Malcolm Young - Yarmouth Pier


Sky Geometry by Ted DyerSky Geometry by Ted Dyer Dead Head by Sue BrameDead Head by Sue Brame
1st: Sky Geometry by Ted Dyer

2nd: Dead Head by Sue Brame

Yarmouth Pier by Malcolm YoungYarmouth Pier by Malcolm Young
3rd: Yarmouth Pier by Malcolm Young


Then came the competition to depict a book, song or film with some amusing and creative entries. 

The results were as follows...

1st -  Helter Skelter by Barbara Close
2nd - The Bodyguard by Paul Lucas
3rd - Purple Rain by Sue Brame


Helter Skelter by Barbara CloseHelter Skelter by Barbara Close The Bodyguard by Paul LucasThe Bodyguard by Paul Lucas

1st: Helter Skelter by Barbara Close

2nd: The Bodyguard by Paul Lucas
Purple Rain by Sue BramePurple Rain by Sue Brame  
3rd: Purple Rain by Sue Brame  


Thursday 8th October 2020

Image by Don BrameImage by Don Brame


Image by Don Brame

A small but select group enjoyed a socially distant meet up in Yarmouth to see one of the most spectacular sunsets for a long while! 

Considering how wet and windy the weather had been all day – by 2pm it had completely changed and we were all hopeful of something “pink” happening. The cloud formations were also amazing and certainly helped to make the photos more interesting!

So those that went will be storing the pictures away safely until the competition on January 14th 2021 – when they will be used (maybe) in the 2 part competition – Yarmouth and Sunset. Everyone else 

has a good few months to find entries……………………!!

Image by Shani WattsImage by Shani Watts

Image by Shani Watts


Image by Don BrameImage by Don Brame

Image by Don Brame

Our next meeting will be on zoom on October 22nd when Paul Bradley will be judging the Open B&W and “Book/film/song” competition held over from May when he was in hospital. All your entries are safely filed and ready!

Pig/Piglet competition 24th September 2020

The Club had a successful Zoom meeting with 12 members logging in – Liz even joined us from Scotland where she is away bird watching and snapping!

Paul introduced the meeting as he would do “in real life” and updated us with the coming meetings details.

In the first part of the meeting we projected some of the images taken by those that went to Quarr Abbey on 10th September and each photographer talked a bit about their individual photos.

 The second part of the meeting we looked again at all 22 of the “Piggy” photos again and Sue announced the top 4 photos. 

22 members took part in the vote and the points were added up.

1st place – 56 points – Eyelashes – DON

 2nd place – 43 points – Do you think she knows we’re here – LIZ

 3rd place – 42 points – Pack of sausages – LIZ

 =4th place – 15 points – Curly – SUE

=4th place – 15 points – Piggy Pudding – TRACEY


Eyelashes by Don BrameEyelashes by Don Brame Do you think she knows we’re here by Liz MillerDo you think she knows we’re here by Liz Miller
1st: Eyelashes by Don Brame 2nd: Do you think she knows we’re here by Liz Miller


Pack of sausages by Liz MillerPack of sausages by Liz Miller


3rd: Pack of sausages by Liz Miller


Curly by Sue BrameCurly by Sue Brame Piggy Pudding by TraceyPiggy Pudding by Tracey
4th: Curly by Sue Brame 4th: Piggy Pudding by Tracey


Club Outing to Quarr Abbey - 10th September 2020

Quarr Abbey visitQuarr Abbey visit This was the first socially distanced meet up of members since lockdown with around 15 members. There was a challenge to photograph the pigs  and piglets which will be judged later this month. 


Quarr AbbeyQuarr Abbey


Quarr Abbey visitQuarr Abbey visit









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